Absurdly Well Presents: 'The Black Series'


Thank YOU for taking a photo of our QR code! Welcome to Absurdlywell.com! This piece of art is a temporary-outdoor, hand-painted paper mural dedicated to the Many Heroes' lives lost and to the beautification of Washington DC. This piece of fine-art is one of many in 'The Black Series' By Absurdly Well.



   Absurdly Well is an American artist, professionally operating in Washington DC. Specializing in stencil making, portraiture, mural planning, color theory, interior decoration & abstract painting. The artist is widely known for political street art and has served art in public space for community awareness, people empowerment and protest since 2017. The art itself has earned features and interviews in The Washington PostWAMU 88.5, Washingtonian MagazineHuff Post & more

   The artist is notoriously known for adhering BROWN stencil art posters on the large grey utility boxes throughout Washington DC. The posters are generally 20 by 30 inches with hand-cut stencil art featuring portraits or phrases. The BROWN paper stands as a metaphor for melanin (brown & black people), the working class, civil rights and social justice. This specific color was chosen to promote the general acceptance and normalization of the color itself city-wide. 



'The Black Series' is a series of five foot; hand painted, poster-murals. These portraits are memorials for the artists, athletes and working class folks who are represented in them. The murals are painted on black paper with white paint. The pieces are meant to memorialize, in honor and respect, the life of that subject. Eventually the hope is to decrease gun violence in Washington DC. Each piece is painted by Absurdly Well and team. Black paper is used instead of their traditional brown paper. It is a creative breakaway from the old norms in their creative process. With this new breakaway to black paper, the artist is able to use the grey-scale between black and white to make painterly highlights. 

The black paper represents the void of light, power, blackness, hidden elements and possibility. The white paint is suggesting a break from the artists traditional stencil cutting and spray-paint to brush strokes. The artist is making an effort to display the more artistic and painterly side of a skill-set normally used to and spray stencils. 

With this series the artist is displaying what is possible with new materials. we are very excited to see what the artist Absurdly Well produces next!



Absurdly Well is a retail business specializing in art and artistic services: Murals (corporate & private), Commissioned Work (small & large works) AND Fashion.